Java Machine Learning Library 0.1.2 released

This release features a number of improvements. We have added a few classifiers and a feature selection algorithm. We have increased the number of regression tests, fixed a number of bugs, written extra documentation and implemented a number of stand-alone tutorials.

API documentation

Changes in this release include:

  • Improved handling of sparse data by the LibSVM wrapper
  • Implemented Kullback-Leibler divergence feature selection
  • Implemented nearest mean classifier
  • Implemented nearest feature voting classifier
  • Added ARFF reader to load data sets
  • Added GPL notices to files that were missing them
  • Expanded ArrayUtils
  • Added a lot of tests
  • Added some documentation
  • Added a number of tutorial programs
  • Upgraded to ajt-1.20
  • Added copy() methods to Instance and Dataset interfaces
  • Added a lot of conveniences methods and constructors to various classes